Nude Massage Central London

Nude Massage Central London A man’s G-spot 

Every man knows what an orgasm is: an orgasm happens when the physical and psychological stimulation have reached the highest peak and the ejaculation occurs.

However, the real knowledge about the man’s orgasm is in the hands and fingers of our nude massage central London therapists.
This type of service is used especially as a sexual stimulant, with the purpose of reaching a deeper, more profound orgasmic pleasure.

When asked about it, our clients gave responses similar to those of women regarding vaginal orgasms. We are talking, obviously about the intensity and the amount of pleasure the client feels.
As it is obvious, we will only outline the steps that lead to a prostate massage, since these are the regular ones of any erotic massage.

The client is acquainted with the Escort London or the masseur; the muscles will be massaged in order to loosen them up and, in the end, the gentle caressing of the penis and of the prostate will occur.

Nude Massage Central London

Nude Massage Central London

The prostate is commonly referred as the man’s sacred spot. Our professional therapists at the lingam massage center will sensuously and gently massage the inner thighs area, slowly leading their hands to the anal area.

At this point, the erection of the penis should have already occurred. While still caressing the shaft with one hand, the therapist will slowly begin to press and stroke the perineum, effectively massaging the prostate externally.

The amount of pleasure gradually increases, as the perineum is located between the testicles and the anal area. Usually, this part of the body is left out by an unknowing partner.

Using a special gel or lube, the therapist will then slowly insert two fingers or a toy, depending on the client’s preferences, in the anus, reaching the prostate.

If this is the client’s first visit at our prostate massage center, he must understand that it is not his penis that needs to be in the center of attention. That is why the penis will only be gently caressed as if the therapist is forbidden to touch it.

The milking of the prostate is very beneficial to a man’s body, not only from the perspective of the waves of pleasure he receives.

Actually, it is statistically confirmed that massaging the prostate is beneficial to the health since the risk of the prostate cancer is greatly reduced. The risk is further decreased because the prostate massage is mirrored by the gentle massage of the penis.
While it might seem an easy task to find the outcall massage , it is preferable and recommended to leave this problem in the capable and expert hands and fingers of a professional masseuse or masseur. That is why our professional therapists are always at our clients’ disposal.
Since this is quite an unknown therapy, not many men know about it and even less of them try it. It is usually the fear from the others’ misconceptions.

However, if this is the client’s first visit at our nude massage central London center, he can rest assured and relax, because, as always, privacy is one of our virtues.
Our therapists await you, so please come. It will be your pleasure. Choose now one of the best escorts selection!